Haunted House 1

On Oct. 31st, 2015, Spruce shut it doors and ran it's first ever Survival Horror Adventure.

Adventurers entered one at a time. Each run took ~12 minutes.

Their first stop was the Briefing Room where they were given the details of their mission.

Next was the staging area to put on The Helmet.

The Helmet wrapped a pair of video goggles that were being fed a livestream from surveillance cameras we placed around the shop.

Meaning, everyone had to go through the adventure watching themselves, 3rd person, through the security [or surveillance] feed. And we controlled the entire experience from the Command Center.

But, it gets better. We placed one camera on a stick and called it "Creature Cam". Have you ever seen a scary movie where you are watching through the monsters eyes as it chases it's prey?

It's like that, but you had to watch the creature watching you....

The Haunted House 2